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Hi there, here's some music to play while getting to know me. You can also click on my profile icon for my performance stats.
💸 I do all sorts of things for money, but mostly production and arts work.
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💬 I write things, too, just a little less often than I used to. Check out Manzanita Lighthouse, a theorist fan-fiction I started in 2020. It follows the journey of a spindly, totally stoked, psychic piece-of-lightning protagonist who passes time in a coastal Oregon bar between AA sessions. Occasionally, I translate words into video. Madison's Green Room tells the tale of a giant scorpion painted underneath the carpet of my childhood bedroom (yes, it's true).
If you're feeling esoteric, here's Fossils from Our Future, a distillation of my research on plastic, omens, and tempophagy (aka "time-eating"). It opens with a historical anecdote about the Tupperware queen Brownie Wise, who was known for her eclectic way of moving about the world.
Or maybe Eco-QT Aesthetics of a Critter-Switch is more your speed. It's a short essay borne of my obsession with a sea slug that's going extinct in the Florida marshes.
My last shameless plug is the Care Reader, a project I oversaw, art directed and curated.
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📷 I snap photos from time to time. The best way to view my personal photography is to head over to my Instagram, most of the good stuff makes it there.  
💌 And I can't skip over my ephemeral gallery, Dungeon in downtown Portland, OR. It's first and only full show ran in early 2022, which wrapped with a closing reception and music performance. Its purpose was to give a platform to underrepresented artists and have a good ass time. Dungeon was very special and taught me about art, writing and, most importantly, friendship. Dungeon's aesthetics were inspired by all the strange games I played online as a kid and was given its name as a nod to it being fully underground, both literally and socially.
💮 When I'm not doing the stuff I mentioned above, I like to arrange flowers, lift heavy weights and read. I just started Alyssa Quinn's Habilis, where a woman (Lucy) finds herself trapped in an anthropology museum that turns into a disco club each night. Over the course of the book, Lucy begins to assemble a hallucinatory origin story of human language.
I think that's good for now. If you have any questions send me an 📧 email